Spitfire Audio India

In India we are currently using a Shopify website so that we could provide our products to our consumers in India in a truly local manner wherein we have adjusted the rates of most of our Spitfire Audio Products  to match the Indian music market.

We are working in tandem with our Global Website and hence would require you to do the following steps before you could make your truly local Spitfire Audio Purchase.

  1. You are required to create an account on www.spitfireaudio.com (or you may use your existing www.spitfireaudio.com account)
  2. Once you have the Spitfire Audio account in place you  are required to create an account on www.spitfireaudio.in
  3. You may choose to use the same or different credentials (on the Indian website & the global website), completely upon you.
  4. When a purchase is made from www.spitfireaudio.in you will receive a link on your registered email which will have a token number for the product(s) you purchased along with a redemption link. This redemption link is where you will be required to connect to global website, that is, www.spitfireaudio.com wherein you can put in the token you received on the email and download the library.

Now let’s catch on to the basics, if you haven’t already, please download the Spitfire App

The Spitfire Audio app is used for authenticating Spitfire Audio Libraries on your computer. You are required to use the login credentials used on www.spitfireaudio.com to log in to the Spitfire Audio App.

Kontakt Libraries

There are Spitfire Audio Libraries that work specifically with Native Instrument’s “Kontakt”, and to be able to use it seamlessly you may use the following steps.

  1. Login to www.spitfireaudio.com and click on this link here
  2. You will be able to see the serial number of the product. Copy the Serial number
  3. Got to the Native Access application and click on “ +Add Serial “ towards the bottom left of the application and paste the serial number in the given region Click on Add serial and now you should be able to see the icon of the product that you purchased within the Native Access application
  4. Go to the product icon and click on locate and select the folder where you have saved/downloaded your library (whether it is in an external hard drive or in a customised folder location). You should now be able to use your Spitfire Audio product with Kontakt (this only applies to Kontakt compatible products)

For General Info - india@spitfireaudio.com

For Sales/Product queries - sales.india@spitfireaudio.com