Spitfire Symphony Orchestra

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Behind award-winning composers…

Are world-class musicians.

Revered by the world's best composers, Spitfire Symphony Orchestra features a full symphonic string, symphonic brass and symphonic woodwind sections including solo instruments, plus harp, piano and all core elements of percussion needed to complete the band — giving your music the professional sounds that stand out.

Recorded in Lyndhurst Hall, at AIR Studios, London, performed by a gold generation of musicians who have featured on some of the top film scores of the last decade. This definitive selection of blockbuster sounds are some of the best, most classic recordings by Spitfire Audio, a set of flagship virtual instruments which are already used by the worlds top composers and music-makers, and have already played a part in the productions of the hundreds of AAA film, game and TV scores over the past decade.

Regular price ₹ 49,948.00
Regular price Sale price ₹ 49,948.00
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Reditus — Andy Blaney

What's Included

Tech Specs

Mac system requirements

MacOS 11, 12 or 13 (latest update)

Intel Macs (i5 or higher)

Apple Silicon Macs (Natively and via Rosetta in hosts that require this)

PC system requirements

Windows 10 or 11 (latest Service Pack)

Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU

4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments)

File size

345 GB download size

Kontakt player

Kontakt Player 7.5.2 or higher


v1.0.1 (March 2024)

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra sounds great with…

Moving string performancesPlay demo

Beautiful, instantly playable symphonic string texturesPlay demo

The ultimate cinematic organPlay demo

56 Amps. 4 Subs. Air Lyndhurst Hall.Play demo

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